Hourly Driver Rental Service

DriverX's driver will drive you to any destination according to the registered time, especially drivers for the drunk or city tours.

Daily Driver Rental Service

DriverX's driver will serve you to any location according to the registered date, which is very suitable for long-distance business travelers, tourists or short-term holidays.

On Demand Service

DriverX's driver will serve you according to required requests, which is used mostly for holidays, Tet or special events not exceeding 30 days.

Why should you choose GOCHEAP?
Dịch vụ tài xế lái xe cao cấp DriverX

Deeply understanding your concern about the safety of each trip and supporting car owners to comply with Decree 100 of the Government, GOCHEAP introduces to you a luxury driver rental service with the motto “CUSTOMERS ALWAYS FIRST”. With DriverX service, we want you to have the best experience, the safest and most comfortable trips.

Enjoying the safest and fastest trip

GOCHEAP offers the best price without any incurred cost. Just select the departure place and destination with your desired date and time. We will arrange for you the most suitable driver.

High quality and professional service

If you are not satisfied with GOCHEAP service, we will make a 100% refund to you. Our Private driver picks up and drops off according to your request.

Premium chauffeur service

A safe ride must start with a reliable driver. Our drivers are always ready to serve you. In addition, our drivers can fix every problem during the journey.

Experienced team of drivers

With a team of experienced drivers who are carefully selected and trained, GOCHEAP DriverX wants you and your own car to feel comfortable at all times.

GOCHEAP’s Quotation
Hourly Driver Rental Service

25$ within 4 hours in Hanoi

Daily Driver Rental Service

50$ within 10 hours, out-of-province

On Demand Service

25$ within 4 hours, in Hanoi

50$ 150KM within 1 day, out-of-province

GOCHEAP drivers’ Information
Viet Pham - 1986
With many years for serving customers in every corner, he always satisfies his customers with his carefulness. Being a conservative driver is one of his personality traits.
Tiep Pham - 1985
An experienced driver with being trained for professional driver course, he also graduated from the University and always win customers’ hearts.
Hung Vu - 1962
A very experienced and not so young driver, he always makes the customers satisfied with his humor.
Ha Nguyen - 1988
Being good at serving important customers, he is the first choice of VIP customers. With his experience, he had already served for Phantom limit during Tet holiday in 2021.
Chinh Trinh - 1987
Not only being handsome, he also worked for Mai Linh taxi service for years so he will understand customers’ every request.
Huy Truong - 1989
Being called by the name “Huy Vinfast”, he always serves his customers with the latest version of Vinfast cars.
Do Pham - 1991
Different from Mr. Huy Truong, he serves his customers by Mercedes is his profession because most of his customers like to use Mercedes car brands. He is very careful and conservative.
Dung Do - 1986
The most experienced who worked for GOCHEAP for many years ago, he always serves customers with the most luxurious car.
What do other newspapers talk about GOCHEAP?
GOCHEAP is the first company to provide the professional driver rental service in Hanoi.
GOCHEAP DriverX Teams
Every drivers must pass the training exam for making sure that they are qualified for serving customers
DriverX Driver Rental Service
Driver rental service is always rated to be the first choice in Hanoi!
GOCHEAP not only Hanoi
Not only Hanoi, GOCHEAP even operates in Ho Chi Minh, Danang, Hai Phong and many other cities
App Lái xe hộ
GOCHEAP DRIVEX service makes the best effort to support customers with our application on smartphones to make our customer feel convenient and have the best experience on their journey.
Branded Service Company
Being a professional car rental service, GOCHEAP can provide the contracts and invoices for customers if necessary.
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